"Balance Testing needs to be part of basic primary care... all physicians need to be monitoring and screening their patients for vestibular dysfunction so that we can take preventative measures to guard against falls"


- Johns Hopkins University Gazette, 2009


Spectra Medical and Western Systems Research

Spectra Medical Consulting is proud to partner with Western Systems Research to bring physicians the most comprehensive line of screening and diagnostic systems specifically tailored to balance and dizziness issues and the prevention of falls. As the overall population continues to get older and more and more people become at risk for falling, screening and testing systems will take center stage in the battle to manage healthcare costs. Don't wait until one of your patients suffers a traumatic fall related injury to determine how best to help them.


Western Systems Research - Working Toward a Balanced Future


For over 20 years, Western Systems Research has been developing systems that assist physicians in determining whether their patients are at risk of falling as well as diagnosing inner ear and/or central nervous system disorders. Each system offers physicians a simple and effective means of screening and testing that not only helps improve/maintain your patients quality of life, but will also grow your practice revenues and bottom line.


Our Screening and Testing Systems:


MotionTrak (Screen for Risk of Falls)


VATplus (Test for Inner Ear Disorders)


VAT-ENGplus Combo (Test for Inner Ear and Central Nervous System Disorders)