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VAT ENG Test - Prevent falls - Spectra Medical

VAT ENG Test - Prevent falls - Spectra Medical
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"I am delighted with the VATplus balance testing. The staff caught on right away and the clinical results are eye-opening."
Dr. Burton W.
New Jersey


"I have had the VATplus for over 4 years. This system has kept my doors open. And, they keep supporting us."
Dr. Frederick K.
New York


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Screen for Risk of Falls and Diagnose Central Nervous and Peripheral Vestibular Involvement with VAT-ENG:


VAT-ENGplus Combo - Click for more info

Tests for Inner Ear and Central Nervous System Disorders

VATplus - Click for more info


Tests for Inner Ear Disorders

MotionTrak - Click for more info


Screens for Risk of Falls



  • Inner Ear Disorders are the leading cause of dizziness and falls

  • Over 69 million men and women in the US suffer from vestibular dysfunction (inner ear disorders)

  • 33% of all seniors will fall this year

  • Patients that suffer from vestibular dysfunction are typically asymptomatic

  • Effective treatments exist for vestibular dysfunction when correctly diagnosed

Are you doing everything that you can to help your patients stay on their feet?


Spectra Medical Consulting and Western Systems Research are excited to offer physicians a simple, effective and affordable process to screen and test their patients.

  • Reimbursements range from $445 to $600 per test

  • Established and proven systems

  • Screen in less than 5 minutes

  • Test in 10 minutes



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